Checklist maker

Create your own custom templates to achieve tactical and strategic business goals in minutes.

Checklist template builder

How the template builder works

A simple visual template editor will help you create a checklist template in a few minutes. No need to write code or contact programmers.

Step 1. Define the query

The question or statement will be asked of the auditor during the inspections.

    Step 1. Define the query

    Step 2. Define the response

    Provide the auditor with options to respond.

      Step 2. Define the response

      Step 3. Start your inspections

      Conduct inspections, collect analytics and analyze issues.

        Step 3. Start your inspections

        Use advanced features

        Logic check

        Add logical branches if-then when you need to ask clarifying questions or perform actions depending on the answer.

          Logic check

          Automatic actions

          Use triggers to automate actions when anomalies are detected. For example, automatically create a task for the repair service when equipment fails.

            Automatic actions

            Additional data

            Allow the auditor to add additional data to the response — comments, media files, barcode, tasks and geolocation.

              Additional data

              Pages and sections

              Use sections to group questions related to the same topic (for example, «Exterior inspection»), and pages to separate questions into different screens.

                Pages and sections

                Tools for flexible work

                Drag & Drop

                Create the desired checklist structure by simply dragging and dropping the fields with questions.

                Photo examples

                Add images for graphical instructions and examples.


                Set scores for answers to calculate the effectiveness of the inspection.

                Checklist preview

                See how the checklist template will be displayed on mobile devices.

                Template archive

                Recover accidentally deleted checklist templates from the archive.


                Don't worry about your work results because changes are saved automatically.

                Ready-to-use checklists

                Use ready-to-use checklists from our public template library.

                QR codes of templates

                Place QR codes for quick access to templates when checking.

                Responsive Design

                Use all the power of the Pultum checklist platform on any device.

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