Tracking Metrics

Powerful tool that can help you monitor and analyze team success over time.

Tracking Metrics

Reporting and detailed analyses

View results and analytics from all inspections. Get full transparency and make effective management decisions.

In-depth analysis of all data

  • Total completed inspections
  • Flagged items in inspections
  • Overdue and scheduled inspections
  • Average score
  • Total created tasks and tasks attached to inspections
  • Average inspection completion time and percentage
In-depth analysis of all data

Negative responses

Get reports on all negative responses in the context of an inspection or checklist questions to identify areas that need your attention.

  • Inspections with flagged items
  • Checklist questions with flagged items
  • Flagged items by sites
Negative responses

Data filters

Evaluate all collected data by filtering it according to different criteria.

  • Checklist templates
  • Time range and time sampling
  • Users and groups
  • Sites
Data filters

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Export reports and data

Save inspection reports in PDF, CSV, DOC, XLS and JSON.

Links to reports

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