Uncover issues and solve them

Checklists, task manager and communication in one place.

Uncover issues and solve them

Tasks and checklists

Pultum task manager brings all your checklists, inspections, tasks, and teammates together.


Task manager

Assign tasks, set priority, monitor execution and improve productivity.

  • Assign tasks

    Assign tasks when conducting an inspection or when analyzing a report. Set up automatic assignment of tasks when violations are detected. Assign routine tasks without being linked to checklists.

  • Priorities, statuses and tags

    Set task priority and add tags to them. Use task statuses (“Draft”, In progress, “Closed”, etc.) to inform teammates about the progress of work.

  • Log protocol

    The system logs all process steps automatically. Use the log protocol to simplify documentation.

Task manager

Each task is a chat

Chat with teammates who are also assigned to the issue, in order to speed up solution.

  • Solve issues together

    Write messages and share them with teammates. Add media, documents and comments to document the entire solution process.

  • Delegate tasks

    Add members and track all assigned issues remotely.

Each task is a chat
Out of office

Tasks on your mobile

Work on tasks without access to a computer. All functions are available in the mobile application.

  • Create tasks and assign users promptly
  • Add media, documents and comments
  • Get notifications
Tasks on your mobile
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