Keep your data safe

You entrust us with the storage of your confidential data. We take this responsibility seriously.

The information uploaded to the Pultum will be stored securely and only you will have access to it in accordance with the user rights system.

At Pultum, we maintain a security system that prevents all unauthorized access, supports continuous monitoring for potential vulnerabilities and embraces ongoing, proactive improvement to stay on top of the latest security tools and threats.

Data transfer

Data transfer for all users is carried out via an SSL-encrypted connection (with a 256-bit key).

Data isolation

User data of each company is separated at the database and cloud storage levels. The data of different companies is isolated in such a way that there is no possibility of receiving access to access of another user by accident.

Data Hosting

Pultum uses Google Cloud Platform to host your data in European Union (St. Ghislain, Belgium).


Reserve copies of data are created daily and stores it in cloud storage under strong protection.


The account is accessed using a login and password. Two-step authentication is used to protect against spyware.

Cloud servers

Linux distributions with security updates are installed on the Pultum's servers. Only a few engineers are allowed to access them.